I’m looking for a new designer to help out when we get too many clients. This is by invitation only, because we need someone good enough to ensure our high quality standards.

We’re flexible on details, but it would look something like this: we pay on a per-cover basis, and you would average 10 clients a month.

  • $250 per ebook
  • $350 per print cover

Clients would submit a form to you directly, you can reply with questions, communicate with the client and send them mockups with 10 days. When they approve the cover you’ll get paid. (If you’re already used to dealing with clients your probably already have your own system for this). The whole project should be completed in less than a month, with revisions and changes.

CreativindieCovers charges more because we include marketing consultations, keyword and category research, and Amazon optimization. We will also invest in growing the platform. Ideally, covers designed for Creativindie clients would be featured on our portfolio and gallery of designs; same with testimonials or reviews. You are of course free to continue offering covers at your normal rates to other clients.

If selected, you would be featured on our site as a partner, and get links that will boost your own traffic, and if you want to, you can raise your prices to make them closer to what we offer here (if we’ve invited you, it’s because you have superior quality work and are currently undercharging… we’d like to help you get paid what you’re worth).

We’re flexible on the details, and can try it out for a few clients/projects if you want. We can also try an “optional” plan where you only accept extra projects when you have time.

Let me know if this interests you.

PS) I’d also like to start a premades gallery, so any mockups that weren’t accepted, or anything else you feel like making, can go into the premades galllery, and you’d earn $97 per premade sale.