• "Derek did a fantastic job of my book cover. I had a nebulous idea in my head as to what the central images would be but couldn’t articulate them properly. Derek used a process of trial and error, presenting all kinds of alternatives that helped us to work towards the finished product together. The result was far superior to what I had imagined."

    Joanna Penn The Creative Penn
  • I just wanted to tell you again how much I love this cover. It strikes the perfect cord with me, plus it’s just eye catching and stunning. Much better than the first two traditionally pubbed books, IMO. And the website is perfect and exactly what I needed. Feeling incredibly blessed - thank you again for everything.

    Kerry Schafer
  • "Thank you for the perfect cover! I enrolled it in Amazon Select and as part of the program it is free today and tomorrow. It's currently #392 in the Kindle Store. That's 392 out of 4 million! Amazing. This would NEVER have happened without your beautiful eye-catching cover! I thank you and cannot wait to see what you do with my next cover."

    Laura Momot
  • "I wanted to thank you for creating two outstanding book covers for me. Both books are under review by a major book publisher and they have commented on the quality of the cover. Thank you very much for your hard work, diligence, quick response, and creativity! You are the best of the best!"

    John Mattone
  • "How can I express my absolute gratitude for your care and concern through every stage of this project? The subject matter of the book is of course, so personal and delicate, that it was difficult for me to trust it with anyone, yet it was beyond my scope to take it to the level it needed to be. I put my trust in you and you went above and beyond my dreams. I will not forget this."

    Jonni Gray
  • "It is perfect. I couldn't have dreamed up anything better, nor could I be happier! It's beautiful, clever and does a great job bringing the elements of the book into visual metaphor. You really surpassed expectations, Derek. THANK YOU!"

    Rebecca Baumgartner


You did such a marvelous job for me on covers of three novels … how can I thank you? If you were in the States I could send you a nice bottle of Champagne (depending on the state!) but since you’re far away I don’t know what I can offer as a THANK YOU gift. I don’t even know your address to send a nice handwritten note. Please know how much I appreciate your artistry and how thrilled I’ve been by your lively imagining for my work. THANK YOU! – Emma Gates (Detours, Walking to Israel, Praying for Rain)


Running a free promotion on Amazon, my book has something like 3,800 downloads already. Now #5 in top 100 free historical romances; and actually #110 among free books of every kind in the entire Kindle store. I hope this translates, but I sure as hell don’t really know what gave me the comparative advantage to all the other free books, since I am unknown. Must be the cover. Walter Donway (The Price of Hannah Blake)


I’ve written six books and have dealt with four of the best cover designers in the business. It can be a frustrating experience getting a cover designed because the best designers are in demand and often take on too much work, so they’re rushed and don’t give you what you want on time. I went to Derek after such experiences with other designers. I liked the idea of having several covers to consider, and I liked the idea of going to a website he suggested to pick out elements of the cover that I might like. We worked together, switching elements of the covers around until we arrived at what I consider to be the best cover made for any of my books. For my next novel, I will definitely hire Derek again. -Bob Power (2020)


I want to relate a little story to you. I didn’t bother telling my wife that I’d hired a professional to create artwork for Extinction Point. She’s always the first person to read my books and stories, and is extremely critical. This latest book is her favorite and she is truly attached to Emily, the lead character. So, this morning, I open your emails and download your covers. I call her in and sit her down at the computer, then pull up the first cover. She immediately throws her hands to her mouth, stares at the screen as I scroll quickly though each cover, looks at me, looks back at the screen and says through her fingers: “Oh, my God! It’s Emily.” She then bursts into tears (of joy, I should add.) So, the first thing I have to do is thank you for doing such a fantastic job of the cover. The second is to thank you for reducing my wife to tears. You have created exactly what I was hoping for. -Paul Jones (Extinction Point) 

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  1. The cover came out better than I expected and was a quick turnaround. Appreciate the effort and vision.

  2. It’s a rare find to get someone who can translate your ideas into the perfect finished prduct, give you great service, attention to detail, nothing’s too much trouble and keep going till both parites are 100% happy and we’ve never even spoken! Recommend Derek? I’ll shout it from the rooftops, THANK YOU – the cover you have created I am convinved will make the difference between me actually making some money on my passion and hard work and cluttering up the garage with boxes growing dust daily! Do youself a favour, don’t bother wasting time on multiple quotes if you want an expert professional service – just contact Derek.

  3. Derek created an eye-popping cover for me that I believe will get readers’ attention. He answered every email promptly, sent many versions until I picked the one I liked the best, then tweaked the whole thing (front, back, and spine) until I was totally satisfied. I am recommending him to everyone I know who needs cover art, and I’ve asked him to do more covers for me. He is truly an artist.

  4. Derek designed the cover for my latest novel, As The Light of Venus Rose, a story that needed a cover to convey the spiritual, mystical and the concept of Venus rising. He did all of that and more.

    He provided me with many choices. I could pick fonts, colors and layout. What more could I ask for? His willingness to listen to my ideas was crucial, and his prompt replies with suggestions and opinons when asked made the process easy and fun. A final product I am proud of, and one that conveys the concepts of my novel. I could not be more pleased!

  5. Derek, I am so glad I found your site! The end result was simply beautiful. You have such talent. Thanks for showing me different fonts and possible decorations. I’m beyond pleased with the outcome. I will definitely hire you again in the future!

  6. I am a new author and had developed a sketch on how I wanted my cover to be. I am amazed how wonderful it turned out and was pleased my idea remained as the theme. The service was quick and I have confidence readers will want to buy my book because how appealing the cover looks. I hope to visit them again with book #2. Thanks again.

  7. Derek – you’ve done an amazing job with the cover of my upcoming book, ‘My One BIG Thing’! You interpreted the brief perfectly with creative insight and promptly made changes when requested. The job was seamless and I would highly recommend your services. Thank you for a great result!

  8. Derek was a pleasure to work with and did an amazing job coming up with a cover for the book I’m writing. He helped me narrow down my idea and did a ton of alternate designs. The end result is totally eye catching and has given me the drive to finish my novel. As an added bonus, the price was unbelievably low.- Richard Johnson

  9. Derek – has done an incredible job on my cover. He did so many revisions, I was starting to feel bad. He reassured me that he would do it until I was happy. AND I AM! He is an incredible designer, he will make your dreams come true. He will be designing my next book cover for sure. Tim Mettey – The Hero Chronicles: True Love

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