Sci-Fi Alien YA Thriller Book Cover Design

I’ve been working on a book cover design for a sci-fi/alien themed book cover – basic concept: a 13 year old girl helps a human-looking alien boy to escape, being chased by police/military, and he finally takes off in a spaceship. This is an action/thriller, probably YA also, with a pretty complex batch of stuff going on. I wanted to find images of a couple running away from the fuzz – that I didn’t find. Frustrating to be limited by the stock images available. Still, I think I came up with some good options. This is my first attempt, using the same sci-fi/space looking font and text effect, and various background/character images.

Book Cover Design #1

altogether a nice effect. sexy young couple – though they may be a little old.

Book Cover Design #2

I like how they’re creeping through the bushes, hiding from the cops. The UFO may be too much, and I don’t think it’s the right kind of spaceship – but I like how it’s lighting up the text.

Book Cover Design #3

A split-themed book cover. These aren’t my favorite, but it kind of works.

Book Cover Design #4

A little corny, trying to find an emotional/thriller-esque female protagonist for the 13 year old.