Best star-crossed paranormal romance book cover for “Inverso”?

I had fun working on this book cover for Inverso, a YA supernatural/paranormal romance. I love the 3 finalists so much, I can’t decide which one to put in my portfolio. Which book cover design do you like the best? Here’s the summary (originally in Portuguese, not totally edited yet):

About the story, is quite simple. Is a YA book, girl meets boy but boy
is a little strange. So during the story she starts to discover about
his world that is the “inverso” of ours in values, knowledge and way
of living. While our society is evolving on capitalism and technology
his is almost like a continuity of the Hippies… they live in
community in a simple way and in harmony with nature and earth.
Because the ancestors of this society came from the nomad gypsies,
their evolution carried on the magic and supernatural powers. Of
course the new relation between boy and girl is not well seen by part
of his world but there are others that are supportive in the name of a
new evolution.