Black Swan meets Twilight: The making of a vampire romance book cover design

Cover Title: Bloodroom
Author: Naima Haviland
Genre: It’s in the range of Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy.

Bloodroom is the first book in a small collection of vampire romance novels by Naima Haviland that I’ve been working on recently. We’ve gone through lots of ideas and are getting close to something pretty great.


With “Black swan meets Twilight” in mind – a ballerina and a vampire – I started with these:

I think with a lot of coolness and decoration the closeup feet could have worked well, but they didn’t have the personality of the YA genre; usually face pictures are more moving.

So I made some dark and gritty samples:

Those are fun but too dark and busy. We took a break and started working on the next book, Bad Death, which turned out better.

Those are fun; I like the beautiful white text on the red background; I also like the messy blood splashes with the ornate frame decoration. Back to the original:


Room for improvement, but it’s starting to look pretty classy.

What do you think?