The Book Designer – New Logo Design Contest for the Ebook Cover Design Awards

I just noticed Joel Friedlander is shopping for a new logo design for his monthly ebook cover design awards.

I wanted to add a few designs, here’s what I came up with. You can probably tell I like the vintage/retro look, but I also tried to match the fonts and colors of his site,

I stumbled upon the contest late so I’m not an official entrant, and these may not be eligible… still, I wanted to contribute if I could.

I like the last one the best. Bold and stylish, matches Joel’s header pretty well.

Here’s the ORIGINAL


Here are my makeovers

bookcoveraward5 bookaward1 bookaward4 bookcoveraward2 bookcoveraward3

How to set up a publishing imprint for your self-published book (and how to design a logo)

If you’re self publishing a novel or non-fiction book, you may get stuck on what to list as your publisher or imprint. Although this issue is largely avoided if you go the ebook-only route, when you’re preparing your full book cover for print with Lulu or Createspace, that little space on the bottom of your book spine, which usually features the publisher’s logo, may seem loudly empty. If you don’t want your book to look obviously self-published, you need to put something here. But what?

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter. Make up a company/publishing name, and a simple logo. You don’t really need to register it, or make up a fake publisher’s website, or anything like that. It’s just a quick cosmetic fix that makes your product look more professional. After you’ve picked a name, you can use that rather than ‘createspace’ or ‘lulu’ as the publishing imprint (you may need to pay a little extra to have this option; you should also try to get your ISBN listed with this information.)

How to make a publishing imprint logo

One of my clients sent me this photo and asked if it might work to make a logo.

It took me about a minute to turn it into this:


Which I could then add into the print cover:

I don’t really like the white square on black; so I’ll probably invert the logo and make the text bolder:

It’s a small step; not necessarily the most important, but worth doing if you’re trying to do things right. If you need a logo design or publishing imprint made, contact me for details.