Free book cover critique: Style Clarity

Bianca Chesimard asked me to review her book cover for Style Clarity: A simple plan to transform your wardrobe by looking within.

First Impressions: Nicely done. You can tell that the cover was done by someone who knows what they’re doing, it looks professional. I like the colors and the layout. I like the small font a lot (I can almost place it… but can’t quite). Familiar, but new.

Suggestions to Improve

1. The ghostly, body-less clothes are a little off-putting for me. Looking within, you disappear? Did this picture used to have a person in it? The text going through where the person’s head should be enhances the strangeness – it  looks like they were decapitated or their head exploded into the bold yellow text.

2. For a book called “Simple Clarity” (minimalism, simplicity, etc) the fashion seems pretty complex. Green brown, gray, white, accessories… stacks of colored shirts – 4 identical shirts in different colors? Not a big deal though, like I said it’s clean and appealing.

3. Don’t love the bulky font for the title, looks to balloonish. Probably could find another bold font that’s more stylish. Also don’t love the beveled look, but it works. On the same note…. a little too much yellow? Title+background?

4. I may also change the font of workbook

5. I don’t like how “the style” extends over the title. Not sure exactly why, as this can work sometimes. I think it’s the darker color going over the lighter. Could also be the flat going over the bevel, 3D look of the title.

Despite all that, it’s a very strong cover as far as covers go these days. Could be improved a little but it’ll probably do just fine.


What do you think?