The Lust Boat: Erotic Cruise Ship Book Cover Design

I’m working on a fun Romance book cover design for “The Lust Boat” by Cathryn Chapman.

Opening line:
“24 hours onboard the ship and I’ve shagged someone already. Not the most auspicious start really, given that I just left Daniel, my fiancé of four years, sobbing in a rather embarrassing fashion at Heathrow airport.”


Ellie is a nice, normal English girl who suffers a broken heart and runs away to sea… to work on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. She discovers that working at sea is not as romantic and wonderful as it sounds, because when people are away from home, they often behave like they are living in a moral vacuum. All around her there are parties, crazy sexual exploits, drinking, good times and fun… and also a lot of lying, cheating, backstabbing and politics.  She makes a few good friends, and together they navigate the rough road of cruise ship life – although not everybody gets out unscathed.