What size should my ebook cover be? Best ebook cover size for kindle, amazon, barnes and noble, etc.

After finishing a recent project, the author read an article  by Natasha Fondren about optimum size specifications for amazon kindle, bn, nook, ibookstore and ipad formats.

Based on the advice of this article, the author asked if I could resize the ebook cover for the specifications of each ebook site.

The original article says “Again, 600px x 800px will pretty much cover your bases, so if you choose one size, I suggest that one.”

Here’s a handy chart to prove this point true:

  • EC = Embedded Cover (give to ebook formatter to embed)
  • CC = Catalog Cover (you’ll upload separate from ebook)
  • n/s = Not Specified
Format Size in px Resolution File Size
Kindle CC JPG, TIFF min 500px max 1280px 72 dpi n/s
Kindle EC JPG 600 x 800 167ppi – 300dpi 127kb
B&N/Nook CC JPG, GIF, PNG 600 x 730 n/s n/s
B&N/Nook EC JPG, GIF, PNG 600 x 1024 170 ppi 300kb
iPad EC JPG, GIF, PNG 600 x 860 132 ppi 200kb

Is 600×800 the “right size” for ebook covers?

This is fairly good advice – just make sure you tell your designer at the beginning of the process of you want your cover to be exactly 600×800. Many designers however, myself included, don’t use a default maximally optimal look good everywhere width-height ratio. Why not?

A) Each cover is unique. I could, and probably should, cram all the cover elements together to make them fit a standard output. But all my covers are a little different. They range usually from somewhere between 600×800~600x900px. I focus on aesthetics, not format.

B) Personally, I don’t like 600×800 – it looks more like a box than a book. Yes, it might fit snugly into every px of space allowable, but you’ll still get a box shaped, ebook-looking cover. Real book covers are tall and narrow.


What difference does it make?

On my Kindle Fire, different books have an assortment of different size ratios. I hadn’t even noticed until just now, when I picked it up to check. Some are lean and tall. Some are fat and square. My covers are lean and tall – this makes them look, in my opinion, more professional than the bulky/shorter 600×800 ones. Most of the ugly, obviously self-published books have strange little square covers.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter. Big publishers aren’t worrying about this – why should indie authors? If you have a vaguely book shaped cover that looks good on your computer, it will almost certainly look fine across most of the ebook devices. What you need to worry about is having an amazing book, with a beautiful cover, and getting lots of reviews.



Original article here: http://www.natashafondren.com/writing/kindle-formatting/ebook-cover-design-and-optimum-size-specifications-for-amazon-kindle-bn-nook-ibookstore-and-ipad-formats/