Dead Drunk: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse…One Beer at a Time

I’ve been working with Rich Johnson on a cover for “Dead Drunk”. Yeah – my first Zombie Apocalypse book cover design! “Dead Drunk” centers around a group of slacker college friends that wake after a bachelor party to find themselves in the midst of a zombie invasion. It’s more of a realistic zombie story (as realistic as one could get I suppose) with a lot of humor thrown in. Rich focuses “more on the characters and the dialogue than the zombies. I envision the cover could look like a classic zombie hand coming from the grave, but holding a beer or whiskey bottle etc… I am open to other ideas (tipped bottles spilling over a skull etc… a zombie drinking a beer like on a vintage drinking poster etc…)”

We played with several ideas and are now working with two finalists… both could be strong in their own way (these are very rough samples! I’ll add the final to my portfolio soon).