Creative Book Covers: Special Summer Deals!

This spring my book cover service exploded, as the word spread and my book covers got out there in the real world of book publishing.

I was having a hard time keeping up, so I closed this site for a couple of months to think about where I want this business to go.

I’m finally back open: I’ve kept my book design services affordable, and added some rules (number of revisions, etc) that should make the process smoother and faster for everyone.

If you’re thinking about getting a book cover later this summer, I’d appreciate it if you put in your order early: I’d rather book orders in advance so I know how much work is coming, so I can plan and organize my time.

Otherwise, if I suddenly get swamped with orders, I’ll have to close the site again and you might miss your window.

During the summer only, if you order a cover I’ll throw in a web site review, and a couple of ads if you need them (for Facebook, Google, etc).

Just remind me and say the secret password: “templeton.”

After a hard, sweaty summer in Taipei filled with book cover work, I plan to be back in Oregon for the winter holidays, possibly with trips to Hawaii and Mexico thrown in. So I’ll be taking on less work in the fall of 2012.