I’m currently unavailable for new projects.

I’m already juggling too many projects and need to focus on making current clients happy, so I won’t be accepting new clients until at least 2016. However, I’ll continue working on book cover templates for www.diybookcovers.com, building a 21 Day course to help you create a bestselling author platform, and developing other resources to help indie authors succeed.

For the next year at least, I will be focused on finishing my PhD Thesis and then writing a slew of novels so I can experiment with marketing fiction books (and share my results). I’ll also be keeping an eye out for the perfect castle to use as a writer’s retreat (for details, visit www.creativcastle.com).

I recommend some other designers on my resources page. I talk a lot about publishing and marketing books, and will continue to do so as my own Kindle sales grow, so you can follow my blog (if you do, you’ll get 4 free books that will help you get started) or find me on Facebook or Twitter.

I may open up to new orders sporadically whenever I can, so you can check back in or follow me if you want to wait for one of those slots.

Thanks and good luck with your book!
Derek Murphy

PS) If you’ve already ordered a cover, don’t worry – I’m working on it! If you need changes made on a previous order, just email me.