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I’ve been excited about “Simmer: A Miss Hyde Novel” for several weeks – a mysterious twin, a genetic trait shared by Mr. Hyde – these are some exciting themes to play with. But first we were just looking for a nice gown (to fit the genre) and a background of Vienna. I played with the idea of showing the twins, but it may work better without.

I may use some Steampunk Jewelry in the design but it will depend on the picture.

Mostly I like the first one, but the others show a large variety of fonts (oh how I love fonts!).
The text will be especially important to set the style of the series. The ‘mechanical rose’ is a prominent feature of the book so I tried to add one.

After we pick a design and clean it up more, we can add the fancy scrolly decorative patterns to the edges… These are still really messy! Just samples…

What do you think?

My favorite! Though maybe with different text.



I you want to learn more about Steampunk (what it means, what it implies) check out this amazing post:

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  • Terri Thompson

    definitely like the first one best. Something about the wall.

    • admin

      Thanks – me too – I think it’s mostly the wall that I like. 🙂

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