Book cover design is just one of the things I do. I also manage about a dozen publishing related businesses and publish books of my own. In fact, having spent over 10 years working intimately with all facets of the publishing process, I’ve become an expert on print on demand and ebooks, building an author platform, hacking Kindle and Amazon, social media manipulation and book marketing.

I write articles about that stuff on my main blog,, where I also give away a ton of free content (for example, the four books up above will soon be available, plus some extra goodies).

My brand and platform is devoted to helping you become creatively independent – that is, getting paid to be creative, by making things of value that help and/or entertain others. So while I talk a lot about publishing and selling books, I also focus on starting and running a successful business, creativity and productivity boosters, and tricks to gain more visibility, traffic and followers.

Since I’m working on my PhD in Literature, I also sometimes share interesting historical trivia or fascinating research.

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After that I’ll send you a few insights on starting your own creative empire, and from then on I’ll only email if I have some big news or new resources that will help you achieve your publishing goals faster.

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