I’m trying to make a database of people I can recommend or work with when my workload exceeds my abilities.

Especially for ebook conversion and book layout/formatting, because I don’t think I’ll be doing these myself anymore.

But I also routinely need author websites designed, so web designers/wordpress coders are welcome.

I also want to list alternative book cover designers when I’m too busy, so if that’s you, let me know.

I hope I can turn this into a major resource page for indie and self-published authors.

If you’d like to be included, please send me a message or comment on this page – I’ll need your website if you have one, email, and average prices (I know, it depends on the project, but ballpark figure)… If you have a picture of you, it would help also!

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  1. Hey Derek,

    I’m a fellow cover designer, if you’ll need help, I’d be up for designing some covers. You’ll see my style is bit heavier/dirtier, more for thrillers/horror/action and I don’t see us as too much of competitors anyway.

    My site is at http://www.rockingbookcovers.com, prices on average would be $200 for ebook and $300 for print book. I can give some leeway on ebook design too depending on the amount of work it needs.

    Looks like you’ve been doing very well and are well set up in this market. Good job, keep it up!

    Adrijus G.

  2. Hullo Derek,

    I’m a freelance book designer/layout artist of over 26 years’ and almost 100 books’ experience. My experience before included 15 years as a proofreader (though I initially started as a copy editor). So I really have a background that gives me a firm foundation in knowing how words and pictures should look on the printed page. I’ve done a couple of fixed-page format ebooks, too–conversions, really, of print books I’d done. But it’s print books that I really enjoy working on. Interiors especially, but covers, too–though I’m not an illustrator.

    I’m always looking for more book projects, as I love my part of making books and prefer to have multiple projects going at once. And although I generally charge fair but professional rates, I take on a few “pay it back” projects each year. Not quite pro bono work, but book projects from self-publishing authors (usually) who’s mens honestly don’t allow them to afford my full prices.

    Steve Tiano

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