I’ve put together this list of some of the people I’ve worked with directly, heard about, or discovered online. I believe I’ve vetted this list to make sure the quality of samples was up to par, but make sure to do some research and ask for samples. Prices vary.

Also, if you know someone else who provides excellent service and quality, please recommend them so they can be added to this list.


Book Cover Designers

If I’m too busy for work, here are some other designers whose work I like.

TOP CHOICE: Ebook Launch

Damonza – One of the best cover designers out there

BookFly Design – One of my favorites, amazing design

Seedlings – great for contemporary or literary

EnvelUp – Great quality designs

Design for Writers – Excellent, high quality covers

Deranged Doctor Design – Cheaper, pretty great, really good deals for extra marketing graphics.

Nathália Suellen – Incredible artwork and designs

YoclaDesigns – Really nice and undervalued, she’ll have to raise her prices soon.

Rebecca Frank – Very pretty, glowing designs for magical/paranormal books.

Scarlett Rugers – Very clean and stylish designs

Book Covers For You


Najla Qamber Designs.com

Mars Dorian – unique, bold illustration

Rocking Book Covers

Rising Horse Creations

Cora Graphics

Georgina Gibson


Book Cover by Design

ABC Book Cover Design

Ranilo Cabo

Hot Damn Designs

Carl Graves

Marija Vilotijevic

David Berthiaume

Illumination Graphics



99.designs (I know some excellent designers who bid on work here, you can get a full cover for about $300.)


 http://www.goodcoverdesign.co.uk (a cheaper option)


Formatters and Ebook Conversion

www.DIYBookFormats.com (free templates/tutorials)

Guido Henkel (Covertopia)


Reality premedia

Lisa DeSpain

Just Your Type

Matthew Brennan

Unruly Guides


Ebook Launch.com

Booqlab (especially for children’s ebooks and apps).

Susan Veach


InDesign Layout

Vanessa No Heart: [email protected]

Kasi Rajan: [email protected]

Rifa A: [email protected]

Sonia Marques, Britoria Virtual Services

Balaji Selvam: [email protected]



Amit Dey



Book Indexing Services

John Babb is an expert at indexing, which can be really time consuming – he’s agreed to offer the service for $5 per page, which I think is a good deal. You can reach him at: [email protected]


I also find some great quality on Elance, you might want to set up a project and see who bids.

Here are a couple I like:

Otto Dim: https://www.elance.com/s/ottodim

Jake Muelle: https://www.elance.com/s/jake_muelle/

[email protected] (also does great cover design)

Bilal Qureshi: [email protected] https://www.elance.com/s/bqureshi103/



Some of the illustrators I’ve worked with, for custom cover art.

Blue monkey, Italy



Need a very specific photo or photo shoot? It may be pricy, but it it’s worth getting right.


More coming soon, or suggest your own!

Editors and Proofreading



The Book Butchers are insanely talented book editors with decades of experience trimming meat from fat, separating skin from flesh, exact anatomical knowledge of fiction and non-fiction writing, and the right tools and techniques for each precision cut.



Other editing options:

Maya Rock



Bubble Cow.net



More coming soon, or suggest your own!

Book Marketing

Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn
John Kremer, Bookmarket.com
Gordy Grundy
Penny Sansevieri
Stacey J. Miller, Bookpr.com
More coming soon, or suggest your own!

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