I don’t have any premades at the moment; I built www.diybookcovers.com to offer DIY style, customizable book cover design templates… however I’m realizing most authors would rather just pay once for a unique premade book cover. Since I’ve mostly stopped doing client work, I’m thinking of opening a premade cover shop instead and using this site for that.

Like this idea? Shopping for premade covers? Let me know! I’ll get started once there is enough demand.

Top Premade Cover Designers

Here are some of my favorite online cover designers who make premades. I’ll add more or leave a comment if you have recommendations.

Premade Book Cover FAQ

  • Can I tailor a premade cover? Typically, textual edits are allowed.
  • What if the same cover catches another author’s eye? Some platforms ensure exclusivity by delisting a cover once bought.
  • How to zero in on the apt cover? Focus on genre classifications and feel free to chat with the designer.

Diving into Premade Book Covers

Searching for an ideal cover for your novel that’s budget-friendly? Need a captivating design without the lengthy discussions with a graphic artist? The answer might be in premade book covers.

Premade book covers are set, professionally crafted covers up for grabs. Typically, they’re sorted by genre, with the flexibility to modify minor details, like your book’s title and your name.

Why Choose Premade Covers?

  • Affordability: Generally less expensive than bespoke designs.
  • Speed: Get your cover without the customary wait.
  • Top-notch Designs: Crafted by seasoned professionals.
  • Diverse Selection: A plethora of styles to pick from.

Limitations of Premade Covers

  • Less Distinct: There’s a chance someone else might pick the same design.
  • Restricted Alterations: Modifications might be limited to just textual edits.

Navigating the World of Premade Covers

  1. Discover and Pick: Explore the collections and pinpoint a cover resonating with your book’s essence.
  2. Personalize: Share details like your book’s title, your name, and other relevant specifics.
  3. Secure: Finalize the payment, and there you have it – your chosen cover.

Premade book covers are a boon for authors eyeing quality without splurging time and money. The array of genre-centric to editable text features makes the premade cover arena a thriving one. The aforementioned compilation is your gateway to finding that dream cover. Here’s to a successful cover quest!