I use (and recommend) Cover Action Pro to generate the awesome 3D book images you see on this site; I make them for all my clients’ finished book covers to use in book marketing and promotion. If you can use Adobe Photoshop already, you might want to think about getting the $247 software.

But if you have a book cover design already and just want me to make it 3D for you, I can do it for $49. This price includes 3 different 3D book images, which could either be ebook/paperback/hardback (like on my homepage), or three different views of the book from different angles. Even if you have an ebook, presenting the book as a “real” book is important to raise its perceived value.

Below are the main choices for hardcover and softcover 3D images I can make; in addition to these I can put your cover on a 3D e-reader like the Kindle or iPad. (Or if you want to be really creative, I can add your cover to just about anything – like the side of an elephant or hanging behind the president.)


Hardcover book covers


Paperback book covers


If this is what you’re looking for, you can send me a message or just get started by paying and then sending me your cover (make sure to tell me your three choices; if you look at the pictures closely you can see each image’s #…PB1, PB2, etc.)

Heck ya I wanna 3D my book for only $49! Let’s do it!

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  1. I need a “catchy” cover for my bookwith blurps and such…. It’s a good book- so I’ve been told – but it doesn’t attract the sales I want!
    Take a look and tell mew what you think, please!

    (Rudi Becher)
    IN SEARCH OF YESTERDAY, Mamma I hate you no more
    Available also via Kindle at Amazon.com
    Read it and tell others!
    Available also on Google!! But beware of Counterfeiters!!

    • Yes, you need a new cover – but that’s not the only thing hurting sales; your prices are much to high (most indie kindle books are less than $5) and you have no reviews! The first handful of reviews are your responsibility, you have to connect with people who will post online reviews.

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