I started this site because a new a great book cover design is the most crucial ingredient to self-publishing success. It’ll make everything a whole lot easier and cut down on marketing expenses. However, long-term sales will depend on reader satisfaction.

I’ll tell you a secret: before I was a book cover designer, I was a full-time developmental editor while finishing my PhD in Literature. But it was frustrating, because as an editor I couldn’t really fix the core problems with any given manuscript.

I was supposed to just improve and polish an author’s vision, but found myself being too critical and just saying “This story won’t sell because X” or “Readers aren’t going to like this character because Y.”

But I realized recently, getting this kind of manuscript critique and feedback about your book’s commercial viability is potentially the MOST valuable service I can offer, so I set up a list of the common literary services I’ve seen other companies offer.


  • a much better product
  • a brilliant hook

“Great art has an audience,” which means, even if you write a brilliant book, nobody will care if you can’t hook their attention immediately. Writers who spent years writing an intricate story often have a hard time limiting it to a one-sentence pitch, or fitting it neatly into a genre category. But your pitch is critical: whether it’s in the query you send to literary agents, or add to the top of your Amazon book listing, the hook is going to get people to lean in and be willing to learn more about your book.

Get it wrong, and your book will fail.

At CreativIndie Covers, we’ve always focused on giving you a cover that will attract the right readers, and we often include some of these bonus services for free. So we’re making it official – check out the list of things we can do for you, and what’s included in our cover design packages. Together, we’ll assess the commercial viability of your manuscript, and focus on turning it into an attractive and seductive product that makes readers or agents beg to read it (and actually be willing to pay for it!)



Our literary services are meant to help you quickly fix core issues in your book that could kill its success, without overspending on editors who will polish the story you have, rather than focus the commercial success of your project. If you want to get a head start on your book marketing and ensure the ultimate success of your project, we recommend starting with these before your hire one of our professional editors to go deeper.


Make it easy for readers to find you! We’ll identify the right market for your book, and suggest the keywords and categories to help readers find your books online. SEO experts will help position so that it gets discovered organically on Amazon or Google. $349

Included with book cover design!


We’ll help make sure you correctly categorize your book and choose the right keywords, but getting found isn’t enough. You need a blurb that actually sells the book. We’ll rewrite the blurb to balance the fine line between discoverability and intrigue. We’ll also help you create 5 brilliant “hooks” you can test in your marketing or sales copy. $349

Included with book cover design!


A preliminary review of the commercial potential of your novel or nonfiction based on a foundational synopsis or outline, as well as your first chapter. The goal is to make sure your book is organized in a way that will hold readers’ attention, and also includes the crucial elements that will satisfy your intended audience. We’ll write between 3 and 5 pages of notes, which will identify

  • plot holes or weak character motivation
  • dragging backstory or opposition
  • weak or irrelevant sections
  • prose narrative style
  • pacing and stakes
  • foreshadowing and dramatic tension
  • getting emotional investment from readers
  • climax and resolution
  • commercial potential

Basically, we’ll help you isolate the major pieces of your book that just aren’t ready to be published, so you can revise, rewrite and ultimately create a strong book (without needing to spend 10x as much on a developmental edit). $349


Before saying yes to your book, agents and publishers are going to review your author website and social media profiles, to make sure you’ve put some effort into building a platform and developing a relationship with their readers. If you’re self-publishing, your platform will be even more important, because success will depend on cultivating fans and connecting with other authors in your genre. This video review of your platform will not only identify the right audience for your book and suggest ways to put your work in front of them, it’ll also help you identify and remove any red flags that will alarm potential supporters. $349




Do you have a manuscript that you think is finished, but aren’t sure if it’s ready to publish? Are you worried about whether anybody else will think it’s any good? Are you putting together a book proposal or query to attract an agent or publisher? How about just the beginning of a book and want to make sure it’s marketable before you invest more time in it?

This package includes everything above ($1,396) as well as comprehensive line edit of your first three chapters (up to 10,000 words = $400 value).

We’ll critique your query letter, synopsis and first few chapters, so that when an agent bites and asks you to send them your first 50 pages, you’ll be able to deliver a sample that will have them asking for more.

$1796 value….

You can get it all for just $749.

Click the button below to get everything on this page.

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If you want to do ALL this stuff and also take care of your book design and editing, sign up for our total self-publishing package. Right now I’m only offering these services through my Guerrilla Publishing program.

UPDATE: I worked for years as a developmental editor and recently started offering literary services… but after working with hundreds of authors, I figured out most books have basic core problems. I built a video course to help authors write, edit and publish better books – it’s SO important and I know it will help you, so this link will save you 91% (get it now for just $17)


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