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If you have an idea for your cover already, let us know – we might be able to use it but we will suggest alternatives if we think they will sell better. We have copious amounts of data on what sells, and we want to make sure your book is competitive.

It’s also a good idea to browse the bestselling categories in your genre or subject and pick out a few strong covers that appeal to you. This helps us determine your particular tastes and preferences. If you aren’t sure, check out my gallery of favorite covers.

PS. We don’t need to read your full book, but if you’d like to send the first chapter or additional resources, you can attach a document below.


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    What to expect of the process – we stand out in that we believe the best cover is the one that sells the book, not necessarily the one you imagine. We’ll try to follow your ideas, but almost always, authors want to focus on a complete scene with detailed characters, objects, setting and even movement or facial expression.

    The cover is not the place for a scene or story details. The cover communicates genre and is attractive to your ideal readers – its only job is to get them to read the blurb. We make beautiful covers, when left to our sphere of genius, but when authors take over the process and tell us exactly what to design, the end result probably won’t be our best work.

    Small details like matching hair and eye color are fine (we can even swap faces!) but positioning models or creating complex scenes will usually produce a distracting, overly “busy” cover, when something strong and simple would work better.

    The cardinal rule of cover design is “Be clear, not clever.”

    Most authors think they need to stand out or be different – that’s not what you want at all. You want your cover to be obvious and immediate, so right readers know exactly what it is (without having to think about it or figure it out). 

    Please keep this in mind as you work with your designer. We want you to be thrilled with the result, but we also want your book to sell (a cover that makes you happy but doesn’t attract readers will let you down long term.)

    While you’re waiting of us to work on your samples, it would be a good idea to watch the video presentation on our homepage.


    Looking forward to working with you!

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