Make sure your book gets the cover it deserves.

A good looking cover isn’t good enough. You need the right cover – the one that converts the most viewers into buyers; the one that properly manages reader expectation to prevent the negative reviews that appear when the cover is attracting the wrong sort of people. We charge more because our covers perform better. They’ll remove buyer resistance and make it easier to get reviews. Your Amazon page will convert better leading to a higher sales rank. Basically, everything you do to market your book will be easier, saving you a lot of time and effort.

 Let’s Get Started!

Click one of the buttons below to order the cover design package of your choice. Secure checkout will be provided by PayPal; you can use a credit or debit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account. After receiving payment, you’ll be asked to fill out a form and tell us more about your project and match you with the right designer. You should receive samples within 10 days of ordering.

Dali Ebook Package – $349

A glorious front cover for digital sales.


DaVinci Print Package – $549

Ebook + full print cover with spine and back.


Warhol Total Package – $849

Ebook and print formatting + cover design.


Not sure what you need? Start with the Dali – you can upgrade later once you’re thrilled with your cover.



If you don’t like any of my initial samples, I’ll keep trying. Usually with enough feedback, we’ll figure out what works for you. But if you aren’t confident about where we’re headed and you want to try someone else, you can have all your money back. It’s just that easy.




As a small business owner, one of the things I can offer clients is attention to detail and a lavish amount of customer service. I’ve tried to price competitively, but I also understand the worries and concerns about paying for a book cover design. What if the cover doesn’t sell well, or attracts the wrong kind of reader? What if you change your mind later on? I know plenty of authors who have paid for 2 or 3 separate covers from different designers for the same book, and still don’t feel they’ve gotten it right.

I want your book to be successful, so here’s the deal: if within one year of buying a cover from me, you aren’t selling as much as you’d like and you think the cover is to blame, I’ll make you a new one for free. I’ll even help you identify what went wrong, and we’ll fix it.

Need more support?

If you’re new to publishing, or don’t have the bandwidth to manage your entire book launch and promotion, we’ve set up an elite package just for you. On top of our guaranteed, premium quality book design, you’ll also receive support uploading your files, setting up your Amazon page, and organizing your book launch. We’ll help you set up your email list and find readers for those all-important initial reviews, and we’ll even spend $500 on advertising, which should be enough to get you to #1 bestseller in at least one category.*

Custom Bestseller Package – $3000

Book your spot today with a 50% deposit.



Results are not guaranteed, because we have no control over the quality of the book’s content or reader enjoyment. However, for an additional fee, we can provide developmental editing, a manuscript critique and final proofreading.