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Hey there! I put this page together so I had quick access to a high quality, automatic barcode generator for my book covers. Just type in your ISBN below, and the price (if you want your barcode to have one), and you’ll get a zipped file of your high resolution barcode instantly in two formats – EPS and PDF.

The program will automatically convert 10-digit ISBN’s to their 13-digit equivalents.


Put your ISBN number here:


Add a price (optional):

The first digit is “5” for US$, and “6” for CAN$, followed by the price.

5    $ US
6    $ Canada
4    $ New Zealand
3    $ Australia
0 & 1    British pounds

51995 = $19.95USD | 61450 = $14.50CAN

If you don’t want a price, just use the default value (9000) – this will add a second smaller barcode embedded with “no price”. OR delete the 90000 and leave it blank, to get just the single barcode with the ISBN.

The ISBN barcodes will download automatically, so check your downloads folder!

If this tool doesn’t seem to be working, try clicking this link.

PS: Check your ISBN barcodes! These should work everywhere, but before you print a thousand copies of your book, please test the barcode to make sure it works. There are many smartphone apps that read barcodes; you can even scan the barcode right from your computer screen – if the book is already for sale it should show you comparative prices. If it’s not yet for sale, it may pull up the information from Bowker, but this will depend on the app you’re using.

Special thanks to for the original code used in this ISBN barcode generator.

isbn barcode generator


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This tool is 100% free, and we don’t even ask you to sign up. Over the years, it’s made over 100,000 free barcodes (that’s a lot of books!) Unfortunately, due to high traffic and use, the tool is expensive to maintain.

If you use this tool frequently, I could really use your help.

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Keep in mind, Bowker charges $150 for just one ISBN barcode (ridiculous!) so you’re saving at least that much each time you use my free tool. If only 10 people (out of a thousand) help split maintenance costs, it should be enough to keep this tool alive for everyone. *The average donation is $25*


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free isbn barcodes and 3D book mockups
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Free Online ISBN Barcode Generators: The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to know about generating ISBN barcodes for your books

I’m going to add a bunch of publishing industry jargon down below just to make sure you got what you came for, but real quick – if you’re publishing on KDP/Amazon, they will add their own barcode in the right spot if you leave it blank on your book cover. I would use that, it’s easy, but it won’t add a price. So IF you need to embed the price into the barcode, you can use our tool and make your own – you’ll then need to put this barcode onto your bookcover before you upload and check the right place that you’re providing your own. 

You’ll need something like photoshop, or you can use my online book cover maker (any design tool that lets you add layers and save again as a PDF, but it can be tricky, so feel free to get help.)

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) barcode is an essential element in the publishing process, helping to identify and track your book in the global marketplace. If you’re an author or publisher, you might be looking for a cost-effective way to generate ISBN barcodes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about free online ISBN barcode generators, including a step-by-step guide, a comparison of popular tools, and industry requirements.

  1. Understanding ISBN Barcodes

An ISBN barcode is a unique identifier assigned to books, ensuring accurate and efficient tracking across the supply chain. This 13-digit number, represented as a barcode, contains information about the book’s publisher, title, and format, making it easy for retailers, libraries, and readers to find and purchase your book.

  1. Step-by-Step Guide to Generating a Free Online ISBN Barcode

To create an ISBN barcode for free online, follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain an ISBN for your book from the International ISBN Agency or your country’s designated ISBN agency.

Step 2: Use our Free Barcode Generator

Step 3: Input your 13-digit ISBN number into the generator, along with any other required information, such as the book’s price.

Step 4: Generate and download the ISBN barcode image file.

Step 5: Incorporate the barcode into your book cover design, following guidelines on placement, size, and format.

3. Integrating ISBN Barcodes into Book Covers

To ensure your barcode is scannable and meets industry standards, follow these guidelines:

  • Place the barcode on the lower right corner of the back cover.
  • Make sure the barcode is at least 1.5 inches wide and 1 inch tall.
  • Use a white or light-colored background with sufficient contrast for the black bars of the barcode.
  • Avoid using glossy or reflective materials that can interfere with scanning.
  1. Legal and Industry Requirements

To comply with international and industry-specific guidelines:

  • Register your ISBN with the International ISBN Agency or your country’s designated agency.
  • Ensure that the barcode is clear, scannable, and accurately represents your ISBN.
  • Follow the standards set by the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) for barcode size, placement, and format.

Generating an ISBN barcode for your book is a crucial step in the publishing process. By following this guide and using free online ISBN barcode generators, you can easily create professional-quality barcodes without breaking the bank. Keep in mind the legal and industry requirements to ensure your book is compliant and accessible to retailers, libraries, and readers. Lastly, don’t forget to monitor your progress, analyze your competition, and adapt your strategies to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of book publishing. Happy barcode generating!



Other tools to try if ours doesn’t work for you…

  • Online Barcode Generator ( This user-friendly tool allows you to create ISBN barcodes in various formats, including EPS, SVG, and PNG. It also offers options for customizing size and resolution.
  • TEC-IT Barcode Generator ( This generator provides a range of customization options and supports multiple file formats. However, the free version includes a watermark, which can be removed with a paid subscription.
  • Barcode Generator ( This tool is easy to use and offers customization options, such as size and resolution. However, it only supports PNG format for free users.
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Sincerely, Derek Murphy

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