UPDATE:  We just launched the world’s BEST 3D book mockup generator. Go check it out!

3D book mockups and book marketing

I make 3D product mockups for my all clients, but I wanted to offer something valuable for other indie authors and self-publishers as well. Originally I had an online tool, but it’s difficult to keep everything working smoothly over many years. Instead, I recently put together a package of 3D templates with Google slides, that look like this.

I posted more details and a FREE sample package of templates on my website here:

How to design 3D book promotion graphics with Google Slides (FREE TEMPLATES!)

NEW animated 3D book cover mockup

Just for fun I recently acquired a nifty tool you can embed on your website. It’s super awesome, looks great and is free. Check it out by clicking the image.

But I’m also building new tools to help authors publish and market beautiful books. If you want access to those when they’re ready, make sure you sign up below for my free guide to book design, and I’ll let you know when the new tools are available!

Get these amazing 3D book promotion templates now

Need help publishing your book?

I love designing book covers, but I’ve actually stepped away from design to focus on publishing and book marketing for the past few years. I love helping authors but there’s so many challenges, and design is just one small but super important piece of marketing your book successfully. If you need more help, I have several free books and videos – (with over three million views!) – and I have limited spots in my flagship course, if you’re looking for coaching or mentorship to launch a #1 bestseller. What, like it’s hard?

I hope these templates helped you design promo graphics for your book. If you need more help with your marketing or book promotion, sign up for my free guide, Guerrilla Publishing. It’ll teach you the advanced book marketing tactics I’ve used to make a full-time income with my writing.

Sincerely, Derek Murphy


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