No longer offering free makeovers!

I wish I could, but I’ve been spending far too much time helping authors for free instead of devoting myself to my paying clients. I might go back to it someday, so follow me on Twitter or Facebook – in the meantime check out all the free resources I’ve added to



My name is Derek Murphy and I make bookcovers. I also try, in my limited way, to help indie authors and artists to be more successful, sell more books and art, build profitable one person businesses, and live grander lives on my blog

I’ve had so much demand for bookcover orders I had to raise my prices to get less work, but I know many authors can’t afford my new prices.

So I try to do at least one free makeover per month. If you think your cover isn’t good enough and you want a new one, you can send it to me and if I have time I’ll remake it.

Here are the rules:

1) Your book should be finished and you should already have a cover for it, one you made yourself is fine.

2) I’ll just copy the text from the original cover, unless you have suggestions for changes. If I think it needs it, I may add a subtitle or some other text.

3) Mostly I’ll choose better images and redo all the text to make a very decent, professional cover.

4) I’ll give you a few options to choose from, if you like one, you can use it – but I won’t make lots of little tweaks or changes for you.

5) I get a lot of requests, so please understand that I can’t help everyone and I may not have time to help you remake your cover.

6) The covers I remake will be featured on my site.

Also, this is just for a front/ebook cover, not a full print cover.

If that sounds good, you can contact me and link to your bookpage/image, or send me an email and attach it at [email protected].


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