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We’ve made hundreds of book covers in all kinds of genres, and we’ve had so much demand over the years (sometimes making 50 covers a month!) that we needed to shut down or book out months in advance. To remedy that, we’ve put together a small team of designers who are experts at photoshop, custom typography, and even illustration. That means, no matter what you want us to design, we can definitely do it.

Take a look at some of our examples. They’re *fine* but our newer work is really outstanding, and I plan to update this portfolio soon with more recent examples. That said, we hope they’re enough to prove that we know what we’re doing. Give us a chance and you won’t be disappointed.






You can see some of our older cover design work here, or the “makeover” before and after section, which is a great way to see how a book cover can be redesigned to boost sales. We’re here for you if you need a book cover design – we’re highly rated and assist a lot of bestselling authors with their covers. But if you need a cheaper, DIY option, check out the templates, tutorials and tools I’ve built specifically to help indie authors get better book covers.