The Book Designer – New Logo Design Contest for the Ebook Cover Design Awards

I just noticed Joel Friedlander is shopping for a new logo design for his monthly ebook cover design awards.

I wanted to add a few designs, here’s what I came up with. You can probably tell I like the vintage/retro look, but I also tried to match the fonts and colors of his site,

I stumbled upon the contest late so I’m not an official entrant, and these may not be eligible… still, I wanted to contribute if I could.

I like the last one the best. Bold and stylish, matches Joel’s header pretty well.

Here’s the ORIGINAL


Here are my makeovers

bookcoveraward5 bookaward1 bookaward4 bookcoveraward2 bookcoveraward3

Should I shut down my site? Apologies and other frettings

I’m very fortunate, and grateful, that people like my book cover designs and I keep getting lots of orders. I love doing them and am happy as a clam to work on them all day, fine-tuning things and playing with the best fonts, arrangements and colors. I feel I’ve produced some pretty great work.

But unfortunately, over the past few months – even after I raised my prices – I’ve been getting more work than I can handle.

This means it’s been taking longer and longer until I can start new orders. Recently I’ve had to refund two authors who were dissatisfied with the wait, and I hate that I took up their valuable time without delivering.

Although I’m usually pretty good about leaving an expected timeline of 2 to 3 weeks up on my site, I know that authors are anxious to see samples, and I’d love to have a turnaround of just a few days.

Should I close my site to new orders until I’m all caught up? Probably. The other option is raising my prices again, but I’m happy where they are and I don’t want authors to have to pay too much. Neither option seems like a solution, because eventually I’ll open my site and get overworked again. I could pass off some of the work to my friends or colleagues, share the workload (especially with the ebook and InDesign formatting I’ve been doing recently, or website designs, which take a lot of time).

For now – I’d like to apologize for not being faster. I hope someday soon to have improved my cover design services to the point where all authors will be ecstatic. Apologies and best wishes,




Native American-Dream Catcher Book Cover Design

Some fun book cover designs for “Laughing Hawk” by Linda Katmarian.

We started with this rough sketch:


And got this: red truck, woods, handsome hunk – this could have been a strong cover.


But then we wanted to expore some road trip + dreamcatcher images….






Still brainstorming but getting closer.

Here’s the summary:

In 1964 Elizabeth Leigh is looking forward to college, escape from her unhappy home, and the fulfillment of her dreams. Adventure. Love. Her place in life. On a restless afternoon, she leaves school early and discovers her mother is packing to run off with a lover, abandoning Elizabeth and her stepfather. Worse, she learns her mother has squandered the college money her grandfather left her. 

A fortuitous invitation from her cousin Melina to come to Los Angeles rescues her from an uncertain future. In Los Angeles, Elizabeth finds security in the embrace of her aunt’s family and is introduced to the man who soon becomes her fiancé, Collin Greenslade, an ambitious, up-and-coming real estate developer. Life could not be more perfect.

But Elizabeth looks at life through the eyes of an artist anad a dreamer. When her cousin’s boy friend, a civil rights activist, has his Thunderbird vandalized in Mississippi, he enlists his roommate, Mark Laughing Hawk, to tow his car back home. To Melina, this is an opportunity for a fun romp across the country and she insists that she and Elizabeth should come along for the ride. For Elizabeth, what starts as an adventure, becomes a journey of the soul. Dreaming of Laughing Hawk explores the universal human desire for love, power, and sense of purpose and the lengths we will go to attain them.

You can find out more about the book here:


A review of’s Cover Design Prices

I’m looking over’s prices. At first I see “Standard Paperback Cover” – $250. And I think, “That’s a pretty good deal.”

But wait – that’s a cover using just one photo. So all the designer is doing is adding text.

You have to pay $475 to get a “Deluxe” cover, which gives you only 2 designs to choose from and – wait for it – up to one hour of Photoshop work.

Damn, I’d love to make $475 an hour. In contrast, for my paperback print covers, I go through about 10 or 20 unique designs, dozens of font and color choices, and roughly 10 hours of photoshop work.’s “premium” book cover design is the closet thing to what I do, but you only get “up to three hours of Photoshop work”, and it costs $895! (Although you do get a two-hour phone consultation). Wouldn’t you rather be paying your designer to work on your cover, rather than talking to you about it?

Interestingly, I can’t find any sort of gallery or portfolio of cover design work – how do we know if they’re any good!?

Either I’m charging too little, or everybody else is charging way too much.

Thanks for visiting, please help critique this site!

I just set up shop a few months ago and have been focusing more on the book covers than site design; but suddenly I’m getting traffic! Thanks so much for visiting – I’m shopping around for a new theme/wordpress framework to make this site a little cleaner and more user friendly. I have some good options, but if you have suggestions or comments about this site (like it, hate it?) please post them below so I can use your feedback in the redesign (I’ll keep it simple, white, just a little more ‘stylish’ in terms of spacing, layout and typography.)

My main site ( is much more ambitious than this one, but unfortunately bare-bones and in dire need of a makeover – hope I can get to those soon (once I catch up on cover design work!)


Book Marketing Made Easy – Virtual Book Tour

Recently I’ve been working on a cover for D’vorah Lanksy’s “Virtual Book Tours Made Easy”.

She’s an established author and the book is excellent, so she gave me a shot to make a very professional cover. As you can see in the development (some of these samples started as not very good, but got better) we came pretty close; in the end she decided to go in a different direction. If you’re an author looking to sell more books, you should definitely search for her books on amazon.