Blake Eccles is thinking about redoing his cover “cancer sacked” – a true story about how Don Martin defeated terminal cancer in 4 months. This is his current cover:

The blue, bold text works OK with the football motif, but the cover is too busy. I understand the ‘surprised doctor’ picture but I’d get rid of it anyway; and the football player looks angry and determined but also too comical. I’d focus on the Title (the metaphor about sacking cancer) although to really explode sales I’d change it to “Tackling Cancer: How Don Martin Defeated Cancer in 4 months and you can too!

Although it’s not clear for the cover, the author’s website mentions an ancient cure for cancer – that should be the main selling feature of this book.

At any rate, I searched for a picture of “tackling” and found this one. With some new text, it’s not bad.

The obvious problem with this cover is that it’s biographical, and I don’t know enough about football to find a picture with the right color uniforms/number – if this book is being marketed to football fans, they’ll probably be upset that I used a totally different team than the right one. If, however, it’s being marketed for cancer patients, they may not care who’s on the cover if it looks good.

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