I’ve spoken about book cover design at half a dozen writing conferences around the world; but I’ve also attended lectures from established traditionally published designers – and we all agree on the basics, of what book cover design is and what it needs to do.

I suggest taking an hour to watch this video, to make sure you avoid some common publishing mistakes or pay too much for a bad cover. Even if you don’t DIY, having a deeper understanding of book cover design will be beneficial to your author goals and writing career.

PS I have a bunch of other videos on book cover design, but you can also grab all the fast tips in my free guide to book design (cover design secrets). Or check out this post on how publishers use cover design to manipulate readers. It’s not as nefarious as it sounds: just that professionals know how to use colors, images and fonts to attract the right readers to your story.

I’ll send some book cover templates and a quick email course on cover design, self-publishing and book marketing. You can leave when you’re bored.

how to make a book cover (design tips)

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