Best thriller book covers for design inspiration

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Thriller, mystery and suspense covers have subtle differences that are important to get right. Even a poorly designed cover can work as long as it’s obviously communicating the genre, but having a beautiful, powerful cover works even better. Here are some of my favorites.

Mystery/suspense novels will have more space between elements and general be vague/opaque, maybe a flat closeup. Personal running away/central object/close portrait can all work.

Action thriller will have blockier, bolder texts and more movement. Most of these have something like Bebas Neue and/or a simple sans serif. 

Serif fonts can look good, for psychological suspense, or legal/political thriller (less action, more information and brooding).

Most covers have ONE color scheme, max two colors, either the FONT contrasts and stands out, or another element does (yellow text or creme face against blue background)






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