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Book cover design services to make your book beautiful.

Hey there! Welcome to Creativindie Covers. I’ve been designing book covers for over a decade, and helped thousands of authors publish their books (and even become bestsellers!). All you really need to know it this: we will absolutely get your project perfect. And if we don’t, we’ll refund you 100%. No fuss, no hassle. That’s just one of the many ways we support indie authors. There’s just one catch: we make covers that sell. We know what will sell your book. Books we’ve designed have spent months on the bestseller lists and made tens of thousands of dollars. Want us to help with yours? Get in touch today.

PS. We have the best guarantee in the industry, because we’re confident in our cover design services and always make our clients happy.



Why Choose Us?

You need more than a book cover designer. You need someone who can help make your book successful. Average designers can make what you want, or make something that is clean and functional, but they probably won’t know what kind of covers are performing in your genre or field right now.

A good looking cover isn’t good enough.

You need the right cover – the one that converts the most viewers into buyers; the one that properly manages reader expectation to prevent the negative reviews that appear when the cover is attracting the wrong sort of people.

Our covers perform better.

They’ll remove buyer resistance and make it easier to get reviews. Your Amazon page will convert better leading to a higher sales rank. Basically, everything you do to market your book will be easier, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Our covers give you an unfair advantage… at a price you can afford.

7 Must-have Qualities for a Book Cover That Sells

Whether you design your own book or hire a professional cover designer, you must learn the rules to avoid the expensive and embarrassing mistakes most first-time authors make. Watch this free, 40-minute presentation on book cover design and discover 3 foolproof layouts that work for any genre, and the one thing every cover has to do (it’s not what you think).

Creative Design

Award-winning design at a fraction of the cost. Our covers are better, for less.

Results First

Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder. It’s in cold hard cash. Our covers sell more books.

Industry Experts

Easy “one-click” upload our perfect files and publish your book in as little as 48 hours.


We promise you’ll love our work & that they’ll sell more books, or your money back.

Book Cover Design Examples

book cover design examples

I’ll be honest, we’re too busy with clients to keep our portfolio updated. But even our older designs are pretty great. You can scroll through our example gallery of books covers to see samples we’ve designed for every genre. Or see more cover design examples here. There are hundreds of covers and we have some pretty good ones. But they’re not as good as what we can do today, because our skills are always improving and we stay up-to-date with marketing and book design trends.

Cover Design is Crucial to your Book’s Success

“I’m well past 25,000 copies sold and have 260+ reviews on Amazon with 75% of them five star! My success is in no small measure a reflection on your cover design. Thanks for everything!” —Paul W

I just wanted to tell you again how much I love this cover. It strikes the perfect cord with me, plus it’s just eye catching and stunning. Much better than the first two traditionally pubbed books, IMO. And the website is perfect and exactly what I needed. Feeling incredibly blessed that I ran into you at that con – and thank you again for everything. —Kerry Schafer

book cover design services testimonials

“I wanted to thank you for creating two outstanding book covers for me. Both books are under review by a major book publisher and they have commented on the quality of the cover. Thank you very much for your hard work, diligence, quick response, and creativity!! You are the best of the best!” John Mattone

“Thank you for the perfect cover for Lowcountry Shrimp Boil! It’s currently ranked #392 of all books in the Kindle Store. That is 392 out of 6 million! Amazing. This would NEVER have happened without your beautiful eye-catching cover! I thank you and cannot wait to see what you do with my next cover.” —Laura Momot

What kind of book are you publishing?

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affordable book cover design services
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How it works: choose a package above and book your spot by making a secure payment. You’ll be asked to provide some information about your book so we can get started. We’ll work our magic and create some samples based on your ideas (and probably some other samples of what we think would be best for your genre). You should see cover design samples within 10 days of ordering. Once you’re happy with the final design, we’ll send full-resolution files you can upload to the online publisher of your choice. And if for any reason we don’t get it right, we’ll refund you 100%. Total satisfaction or your money back, that’s our promise.

In fact, we’ll do better than that: take your cover for a test run and see how it works. If your book isn’t selling and you think the cover is the problem, we’ll redesign it for free (for up to one year!). And we’re the only book design service that can make a promise like that.

book cover design guarantee

* Basic formatting included. Additional fees may apply for books that require images, tables, graphs, or footnotes. *

Book Marketing Materials

* THE WARHOL: book design & marketing

Over the past few years, I’ve watched authors end up with amateur book formatting that doesn’t match the cover I’ve made, or overspend on publishing packages that skimp on the essentials while piling on extras you don’t really need. That’s why I’m now offering an all-inclusive package to make sure your book is beautiful, inside and out.

At this level, besides total book design, including print and ebook formatting, you’ll also get access to two of my premium online courses on book marketing and building an author platform, my step-by-step book launch checklist, as well as one month of publishing support… along with some book promotion graphics to make your book look awesome.

  • Ebook & Print Covers
  • Print and Ebook Formatting
  • 3D Promotional Graphics
  • Bookmarks & Postcards
  • Facebook and Twitter Headers
  • Book Launch Checklist
  • Book Marketing Courses
  • 1 Month of Publishing Support
3D book mockups
book marketing printable business cards and postcards
3d book cover mockup design
  • "Thank you for the perfect cover! I enrolled it in Amazon Select and as part of the program it is free today and tomorrow. It's currently #392 in the Kindle Store. That's 392 out of 4 million! Amazing. This would NEVER have happened without your beautiful eye-catching cover! I thank you and cannot wait to see what you do with my next cover."

    Laura Momot
  • "How can I express my absolute gratitude for your care and concern through every stage of this project? The subject matter of the book is of course, so personal and delicate, that it was difficult for me to trust it with anyone, yet it was beyond my scope to take it to the level it needed to be. I put my trust in you and you went above and beyond my dreams. I will not forget this."

    Jonni Gray
3d book cover mockup design
  • "Derek did a fantastic job of my book cover. I had a nebulous idea in my head as to what the central images would be but couldn’t articulate them properly. Derek used a process of trial and error, presenting all kinds of alternatives that helped us to work towards the finished product together. The result was far superior to what I had imagined."

    Joanna Penn The Creative Penn
  • "It is perfect. I couldn't have dreamed up anything better, nor could I be happier! It's beautiful, clever and does a great job bringing the elements of the book into visual metaphor. You really surpassed expectations, Derek. THANK YOU!"

    Rebecca Baumgartner
3d book cover mockup design
  • I just wanted to tell you again how much I love this cover. It strikes the perfect cord with me, plus it’s just eye catching and stunning. Much better than the first two traditionally pubbed books, IMO. And the website is perfect and exactly what I needed. Feeling incredibly blessed - thank you again for everything.

    Kerry Schafer
  • "I wanted to thank you for creating two outstanding book covers for me. Both books are under review by a major book publisher and they have commented on the quality of the cover. Thank you very much for your hard work, diligence, quick response, and creativity! You are the best of the best!"

    John Mattone
21 day bestseller author platform book marketing

BONUS: if you order a cover from us, you’ll also get my book marketing course to help you build a bestselling author platform ($297). This is a limited time deal, and spaces are limited. Book your spot now to claim your free course.

Make Your Own Book Cover

Book Design Tutorials & Templates

Not ready to hire a professional?


  • 3 Foolproof Layouts That Work for Any Genre
  • 8 Cover Design Secrets Publishers Use to Manipulate Readers into Buying
  • 60 Fonts You Should Never Use on your Book Cover
  • 7 Foolproof Design Strategies to Make your Cover Perfect
  • The Best Free Online Graphic Software for Your Book Covers
  • 300+ Recommended Fonts for Every Genre
  • 5 Common Book Cover Myths Most Indie Authors Believe
  • The Simple Tweak that Tripled my Book Sales.
  • How to Find the Best Art and Photography For Your covers (and check that nobody else is using them)

It’s rare for a cover designer to share their secrets, but I’ve always been very open with my book design processes because it’s important for authors to learn the basics and make smart choices. My youtube videos have over 3 million views, so I like to think I’ve helped a lot of authors. Grab my free guide and I’ll tell you all about my new book cover maker tool or how to make 3D Mockups. I’ll even give you some perfect done-for-you book design templates you can use to level up fast and create a much more professional DIY book cover for nearly free.

AI Art & Midjourney for Book Cover Design

Publishing is changing fast in 2023, due to a bunch of new AI writing and art tools. I’ve been using Midjourney for personal projects to make some fantastic art. It’s taken hundreds of hours of experimentation to start getting great results, but they’re so good it’s hard not to use them on my book covers or at least in promotion and marketing materials. But it’s also a controversial topic. I’ve started to speak about AI tools for publishing on podcasts and writing conferences, but it’s a messy, wild west right now.

It may not be quite easy enough for an author to make their own covers (or write books!) with AI… but we’re getting very close to tools that will make publishing dramatically easier, and potentially allow authors to publish better-looking books. I’m usually in favor of tools that make difficult things more accessible, to level the playing field and reduce the average investment most first-time authors make with their book, even if it’s not a commercial success. But this discussion is hard. I try to stay updated even though it’s slightly terrifying, and may replace me entirely (that’s OK, I have my own books to write!).

Currently, I’ve started making AI art mockups with midjourney to quickly generate book cover ideas, to get something sort of close we can make perfect in Photoshop. But the art is so good right now, I think this year it’ll be publishing-ready just by adding the right text effects and fonts – which is something my online book cover templates will allow authors to do. So I may close this site down or focus only on the templates and education, so you can make your own book covers for cheap.

Don’t worry though, if you want to carefully stay away from AI-everything, it’s not something we currently use in our workflow, and our team of designers and illustrators are great at professional book cover designs. But if I can make something better than what can be made traditionally, using only stock photography and photoshop, then I should be offering that to my clients: because my job is to provide the most impactful covers.

I’ll probably add something like a checkbox when you order that says “I’m open to using AI art elements in my cover design” or “I want a custom cover with no AI” – but not yet – it’s still too controversial to embrace openly, and the legal issues are too complex for client work at the moment. In the meantime, if you want to learn how to create characters, scenes, engaging genre images for social media ads, even for personal inspiration, you can read this post about using Midjourney AI in book cover design.

Get In Touch


Have questions? Get in touch! We understand choosing the right cover designer is important. Hopefully our portfolio and testimonials are enough to convince you that we’re amazing at what we do. If you’re wondering if we can help you with your specific genre or subject, we absolutely can. But feel free to reach out first and tell us more about your book, so we can make sure we’re on the same page before you place an order.

Can you publish my book for me?


We specialize in book design, but are not a full-service publisher. You’ll need to make your own account with Amazon (or other print-on-demand services) so that you can upload the final files you receive from us. There’s a small learning curve, but it’s much better to hire a designer directly this way, rather than giving up more control and paying much more to a hybrid press who doesn’t add any extra value. “Publishing” is mostly book design, but can also be some smart branding to attract the right audience with carefully written blurbs, book proposal queries, and marketing messages. A full-service package including book design and book launch help would cost around $5000; if that’s what you’re looking for, feel free to send us a message.

Otherwise, we’ll help walk you through the process of creating an account and uploading your files, but we can’t do it for you.

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