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Welcome to Creativindie Covers, the ultimate destination for authors seeking to give their literary masterpieces a dazzling makeover. Our mission is to craft unique, high-conversion book covers that not only grab your readers’ attention but also propel your work to the top of the charts! With an impressive roster of bestselling authors already under our belt, we can’t wait to give your book the spotlight it deserves.

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Why Choose Us?

Five Unbeatable Reasons to Partner with Creativindie Covers for Your Next Bestseller
  1. Proven Success: Our stunning designs have graced the covers of countless bestselling books. We take pride in our ability to turn your vision into a visually compelling masterpiece that flies off the shelves!
  2. Genre Gurus: Whether you’re penning a heart-pounding thriller or a tear-jerking romance, our talented designers possess the expertise to create a cover that perfectly captures your story’s essence across all major genres.
  3. Lightning-Fast Turnarounds: We understand that time is of the essence, which is why we’re committed to delivering exceptional covers without making you wait for ages.
  4. No-Hassle Revisions: We won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied! Our packages include unlimited revisions, ensuring your cover looks exactly how you envisioned.
  5. Indie Author-Friendly: Worried about breaking the bank? Fear not! Our competitive pricing options cater to both indie authors and established writers alike.

Our covers give you an unfair advantage… at a price you can afford.

7 Must-have Qualities for a

Book Cover That Sells

Whether you design your own book or hire a professional cover designer, you must learn the rules to avoid the expensive and embarrassing mistakes most first-time authors make. Watch this free, 40-minute presentation on book cover design and discover 3 foolproof layouts that work for any genre, and the one thing every cover has to do (it’s not what you think).

Creative Design

Award-winning design at a fraction of the cost. Our covers are better, for less.

Results First

Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder. It’s in cold hard cash. Our covers sell more books.

Industry Experts

Easy “one-click” upload our perfect files and publish your book in as little as 48 hours.


We promise you’ll love our work & that they’ll sell more books, or your money back.

Book Cover Design Examples

book cover design services and examples

Feast your eyes on our awe-inspiring portfolio of book cover designs.

You can scroll through our example gallery of books covers to see samples we’ve designed for every genre. Or see more cover design examples here. There are hundreds of covers and we have some pretty good ones. But they’re not as good as what we can do today, for your book, because our skills are always improving and we stay up-to-date with marketing and book design trends.

book cover design examples

“I’m well past 25,000 copies sold and have 260+ reviews on Amazon with 75% of them five star! My success is in no small measure a reflection on your cover design. Thanks for everything!” —Paul W

I just wanted to tell you again how much I love this cover. It strikes the perfect cord with me, plus it’s just eye catching and stunning. Much better than the first two traditionally pubbed books, IMO. And the website is perfect and exactly what I needed. Feeling incredibly blessed that I ran into you at that con – and thank you again for everything. —Kerry Schafer

How Our Book Covers Boost Your Sales

The Power of a Professional Cover: Supercharge Your Sales and Win Over Readers


  1. Stand Out in the Crowd: Our eye-catching designs ensure your book gets noticed, capturing readers’ attention and boosting your sales.
  2. Credibility Boost: A professional cover signals a high-quality book, building trust with potential buyers and establishing you as a reputable author.
  3. Brand Brilliance: Our custom designs create a consistent, memorable brand for your book series or author platform, making it easy for fans to recognize your work.

“I wanted to thank you for creating two outstanding book covers for me. Both books are under review by a major book publisher and they have commented on the quality of the cover. Thank you very much for your hard work, diligence, quick response, and creativity!! You are the best of the best!” John Mattone

“Thank you for the perfect cover for Lowcountry Shrimp Boil! It’s currently ranked #392 of all books in the Kindle Store. That is 392 out of 6 million! Amazing. This would NEVER have happened without your beautiful eye-catching cover! I thank you and cannot wait to see what you do with my next cover.” —Laura Momot

Book Design Services


Choose Your Path to Bestseller Status with Our Affordable Pricing Options:

Dali: The Debut     |    DaVinci: The Rising Star    |  Warhol: The Chart-Topper



Essential Book Design for Aspiring Authors

book cover design services pricing

A glorious front cover for digital sales.

Advanced Book Design for Established Authors

book cover design services pricing

A full-print cover with spine and back.

Premium Book Design for Bestselling Aspirants

book cover design services pricing

Ebook & print formatting + cover design.

Select Your Package and Begin Your Journey to Bestseller Glory


Our Book Design Process

Unlock the Secrets of Our Unparalleled Cover Designs:

Step 1: Share Your Vision – Tell us all about your book, and let’s brainstorm the perfect cover that encapsulates its spirit.

Step 2: Watch the Magic Happen – Our skilled designers will breathe life into your ideas, creating a cover that’s nothing short of breathtaking.

Step 3: Collaborative Fine-Tuning – We value your input! Work closely with our team to ensure every detail aligns with your vision.

Step 4: Unveil Your Masterpiece – With your stamp of approval, we’ll deliver a high-resolution, print-ready cover that’s primed for bestseller status!


A cover you love, 100% Guaranteed: if for any reason we don’t get it right, we’ll refund you 100%. Total satisfaction or your money back, that’s our promise. In fact, we’ll do better than that: take your cover for a test run and see how it works. If your book isn’t selling and you think the cover is the problem, we’ll redesign it for free (for up to one year!). And we’re the only book design service that can make a promise like that.

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Book Marketing Materials

* THE WARHOL: book design & marketing

Over the past few years, I’ve watched authors end up with amateur book formatting that doesn’t match the cover I’ve made, or overspend on publishing packages that skimp on the essentials while piling on extras you don’t really need. That’s why I’m now offering an all-inclusive package to make sure your book is beautiful, inside and out.

At this level, besides total book design, including print and ebook formatting, you’ll also get access to my premium online courses on book marketing and building an author platform, my step-by-step book launch checklist, as well as one month of publishing support… along with some book promotion graphics to make your book look awesome.

  • Ebook & Print Covers
  • Print and Ebook Formatting
  • 3D Promotional Graphics
  • Bookmarks & Postcards
  • Facebook and Twitter Headers
  • Book Launch Checklist
  • Book Marketing Courses
  • 1 Month of Publishing Support
3D book mockups
book marketing printable business cards and postcards
3d book cover mockup design
  • "Thank you for the perfect cover! I enrolled it in Amazon Select and as part of the program it is free today and tomorrow. It's currently #392 in the Kindle Store. That's 392 out of 4 million! Amazing. This would NEVER have happened without your beautiful eye-catching cover! I thank you and cannot wait to see what you do with my next cover."

    Laura Momot
  • "How can I express my absolute gratitude for your care and concern through every stage of this project? The subject matter of the book is of course, so personal and delicate, that it was difficult for me to trust it with anyone, yet it was beyond my scope to take it to the level it needed to be. I put my trust in you and you went above and beyond my dreams. I will not forget this."

    Jonni Gray
3d book cover mockup design
  • "Derek did a fantastic job of my book cover. I had a nebulous idea in my head as to what the central images would be but couldn’t articulate them properly. Derek used a process of trial and error, presenting all kinds of alternatives that helped us to work towards the finished product together. The result was far superior to what I had imagined."

    Joanna Penn The Creative Penn
  • "It is perfect. I couldn't have dreamed up anything better, nor could I be happier! It's beautiful, clever and does a great job bringing the elements of the book into visual metaphor. You really surpassed expectations, Derek. THANK YOU!"

    Rebecca Baumgartner
3d book cover mockup design
  • I just wanted to tell you again how much I love this cover. It strikes the perfect cord with me, plus it’s just eye catching and stunning. Much better than the first two traditionally pubbed books, IMO. And the website is perfect and exactly what I needed. Feeling incredibly blessed - thank you again for everything.

    Kerry Schafer
  • "I wanted to thank you for creating two outstanding book covers for me. Both books are under review by a major book publisher and they have commented on the quality of the cover. Thank you very much for your hard work, diligence, quick response, and creativity! You are the best of the best!"

    John Mattone
21 day bestseller author platform book marketing

A great book cover design will make it so much easier to launch a bestseller, which is why most of my book marketing courses focus on book production rather than book promotion. The truth is most authors spend a ton of money on book marketing without seeing a single sale, because their cover is just not attracting the right audience.

However if you do end up with a great cover, whether its from us or someone else, it’s still not enough to just put your book out there and hope for the best. Thousands of people publish a book each month, and often have no idea how to get the word out or market their books online. I wrote my first guide to book marketing a decade ago, and have since helped hundreds of authors launch books to #1. My latest course is up-to-date and will help you navigate the tricky and callous seas of the publishing world, without getting scammed. I’m giving free access to all my clients, because we hate designing beautiful covers that nobody ever sees.

BONUS: order a book cover from us, and you’ll get instant access to help you a launch a bestseller ($297). This is a limited time deal, and spaces are limited. Book your spot now to claim your free course.

Make Your Own Book Cover

Book Design Tutorials & Templates

Not ready to hire a professional?


  • 3 Foolproof Layouts That Work for Any Genre
  • 8 Cover Design Secrets Publishers Use to Manipulate Readers into Buying
  • 60 Fonts You Should Never Use on your Book Cover
  • 7 Foolproof Design Strategies to Make your Cover Perfect
  • The Best Free Online Graphic Software for Your Book Covers
  • 300+ Recommended Fonts for Every Genre
  • 5 Common Book Cover Myths Most Indie Authors Believe
  • The Simple Tweak that Tripled my Book Sales.
  • How to Find the Best Art and Photography For Your covers (and check that nobody else is using them)

It’s rare for a cover designer to share their secrets, but I’ve always been very open with my book design processes because it’s important for authors to learn the basics and make smart choices. My youtube videos have over 3 million views, so I like to think I’ve helped a lot of authors. Grab my free guide and I’ll tell you all about my new book cover maker tool or how to make 3D Mockups. I’ll even give you some perfect done-for-you book design templates you can use to level up fast and create a much more professional DIY book cover for nearly free.

Get In Touch

Don’t Let Your Book Languish in Obscurity

Let Creativindie Covers Unleash Its Bestselling Potential!

Ready to get started? Choose a package above and book your spot by making a secure payment. You’ll be asked to provide some information about your book so we can make sure it’s perfect. We’ll work our magic and create some samples based on your ideas (and probably some other samples of what we think would be best for your genre). You should see cover design samples within 10 days of ordering. Once you’re happy with the final design, we’ll send full-resolution files you can upload to the online publisher of your choice. 

Have questions? Get in touch! We understand choosing the right cover designer is important. Hopefully our portfolio and testimonials are enough to convince you that we’re amazing at what we do. If you’re wondering if we can help you with your specific genre or subject, we absolutely can. But feel free to reach out first and tell us more about your book, so we can make sure we’re on the same page before you place an order.


Q: How long does it take to complete a book cover design?

A: Our standard turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, but we offer expedited services for those on a tight deadline.

Q: Can I request changes to my cover design?

A: Absolutely! We include unlimited revisions in our packages to ensure your cover meets your expectations.

Q: Do you offer eBook and print cover designs?

A: Yes! We provide designs for both eBook and print formats, ensuring consistency across all platforms.

Can you publish my book for me?

We specialize in book design, but are not a full-service publisher. You’ll need to make your own account with Amazon (or other print-on-demand services) so that you can upload the final files you receive from us. There’s a small learning curve, but it’s much better to hire a designer directly this way, rather than giving up more control and paying much more to a hybrid press who doesn’t add any extra value. “Publishing” is mostly book design, but can also be some smart branding to attract the right audience with carefully written blurbs, book proposal queries, and marketing messages. A full-service package including book design and book launch help would cost around $5000; if that’s what you’re looking for, feel free to send us a message.

Otherwise, we’ll help walk you through the process of creating an account and uploading your files, but we can’t do it for you.

Who is this guy?

Hey there, I’m Derek Murphy. I put myself through grad school (PhD in literature) as an editor, and then as a book cover designer. Before that I was a fine artist, studying classical realism in Florence Italy and exhibiting in Taiwan. For the past decade, I’ve been building free tools and resources to help indie authors, so I’m pretty easy to find. I’ve spoken about book cover design at writing conferences around the world, and have helped several projects hit the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestsellers lists. I’ve also been featured in CNN for renting castles.

Do I get all the fonts and source files?

I’m more open that most designers about sharing files. I know you might want to make changes later or use our cover design for posters, business cards or advertisements. Technically however, I can’t transfer commercial rights for fonts or stock images, so you would need to repurchase those yourself to edit or reuse the designs. Get the Warhol package and we’ll make a bunch of useful promo graphics for you, or just let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to help.

What makes a good book cover design?

A great book cover design usually has a “scene” with a humanizing element and one main color. It’s common to have one central character or protagonist. Character-driven stories like urban fantasy will have this character closer to the viewer, while epic fantasy characters will be smaller to show the scope of the world and adventure. For thrillers or mysteries, you may have an object, like a child’s toy or an empty room – focusing on the missing thing to build suspense. Great covers will also have a sense of depth and strong contrast.

What should be avoided in book cover design?

Most authors choose a scene from inside the novel, or a symbol that refers to something inside the story. That won’t work, because a book cover is meant for people who have not read your story yet – so the symbols are meaningless until after they’ve started reading. You also want to avoid a complex, gripping emotional scene, with a bunch of characters or objects with exact poses, positions and expressions. All of that will be too small to be powerful. Your cover needs to be strong enough to communicate genre quickly, and attractive enough for readers to want to read the blurb.

What fonts and typefaces should I use for my book cover?

Choosing the right fonts is really important, because fonts communicate the genre more than anyone else. For a nonfiction book or memoir, you could use a simple serif or sans-serif font, but for scifi or fantasy, you need a “fancy” font so readers know what kind of book it is. Fonts can be expensive, but most cover designers have access to hundreds of professional fonts.

Your title should be the first thing that grabs the eye, and you don’t want a crowded cover with too much text or poor spacing. After your fancy font, keep the author name and other subtext in a simple serif or sans-serif so the cover isn’t overwhelming. Here’s a big list of my favorite fonts for book cover design.

Where can I get stock photos or artwork for my book cover design?

You need to purchase stock photos so that you’re legally allowed to use images for book covers, so don’t just grab things off the internet. It’s also usually a mistake to hire and artist or illustrator, rather than a cover designer – they may be able to make “art” but that won’t usually sell books, except in a few select genres, and even then the whole piece needs to work and look professional. Don’t get a painting and slap text on top.

Cover designers buy dozens of images and blend them all together to make a strong design, and most covers use photomanipulation (Photoshop), rather than illustration. It takes a lot of work, time and experience – not to mention all the right tools and resources. Amateur designs have a clunky, unrealistic scene that hasn’t been blended well; or poor font choices and crowded typography. Here’s a list of the best stock photo sites.

How do I make sure my book stands out from other books in my genre?

This is a common question, but often it hints at an incomplete understanding of what cover design is actually for. You may feel like all the books in your genre are the same, and you don’t like them – and you want your book to be unique and different. But there are reasons that genres do the same thing; each genre has its own rules and use similar fonts, images and colors to quickly broadcast the genre. If you try to do something different, then readers will not know your book is even meant for them, until they read the blurb (and they will not read the blurb, if the cover isn’t broadcasting the genre). You want your book cover to stand out by being similar, but better than the others in your genre; not be being vastly different.

How important is it to have a professional designer design my book cover?

If you’re self-publishing, your book cover is absolutely the only thing that really matters. (If you’re traditionally publishing, they won’t let you near the cover design process, because they have to make sure to use a cover design that will sell books, and most authors get it wrong if left to their own devices). Consider your total book marketing budget: with the wrong cover, all that money will go to waste, with no conversion or book sales. So the cost of not hiring a professional, is all the time and money you’ll spend with ineffectual marketing.

How can you design your own book cover?

That said, it is possible to learn to design your own book covers, but you have to really dedicate yourself to making something that sells, not something you personally like. And you’ll probably need to invest in a lot of tools and resources. But my free book and video tutorials on book cover design will help you get started.

Free cover design templates

If you’re determined to do it yourself, I have free book cover templates that will make it a lot easier.

What file format should my book cover be in for print and digital distribution?

Your ebook cover will be a JPG image of about 1800×2700 pixels – that’s 6×9 @ 300dpi.
Your full print paperback cover will be in PDF. Kindle (KDP) is pretty good about accepting files, and IngramSpark is more picky (Ingram wants a CMYK file).

RGB colors are bolder and darker, for online display; CMYK are meant for print. Some authors may feel disappointed when the shadows on their printed books aren’t as black or inky as the ebook cover, but that’s normal – printers can’t get the same blackness as your monitor display.

Your ebook will be an epub file (KDP now accepts epub, like everyone else). Ebook formatting can be tricky, even if you use my free templates, so I recommend a formatting tool like Vellum; which is also great for print book formatting. Your interior print files will also be a PDF, with fonts embedded and the right margins, fonts, line-height and spacing. Doing it yourself in Microsoft Word or InDesign is a lengthy, tedious process, and you risk your book being “broken” on some devices or looking unprofessional.