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  • Derek Murphy
    Derek Murphy

Welcome! I’ve helped over a thousand authors publish their books, and have become intimate with every aspect of publishing – from book design to launching a bestseller. In 2016 I finished my PhD in Literature, got featured by CNN for organizing a writing retreat in a French castle, and started publishing my own fiction.

I only work with professional authors who are committed to making their book a success, but I also build resources so indie authors can get quality book design on a budget. I look forward to helping you get a cover you love!

This is how we do it

  • Market Research

    First we take a look at your category and see what's selling NOW - then we'll make something better.

  • Brainstorming

    We'll send you some rough ideas to explore options and make sure we're headed in the right direction.

  • Refining

    Once we've agreed on a basic layout, we'll fine-tune it until you're thrilled.

  • Perfection

    We'll give you files that will work flawlessly with whatever publishing platform you're using.

  • Marketing

    Use our promotional graphics, expertise and training to launch your book like a pro.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • "Derek did a fantastic job of my book cover. I had a nebulous idea in my head as to what the central images would be but couldn’t articulate them properly. Derek used a process of trial and error, presenting all kinds of alternatives that helped us to work towards the finished product together. The result was far superior to what I had imagined."

    Joanna Penn The Creative Penn
  • "It is perfect. I couldn't have dreamed up anything better, nor could I be happier! It's beautiful, clever and does a great job bringing the elements of the book into visual metaphor. You really surpassed expectations, Derek. THANK YOU!"

    Rebecca Baumgartner
  • "Thank you for the perfect cover! I enrolled it in Amazon Select and as part of the program it is free today and tomorrow. It's currently #392 in the Kindle Store. That's 392 out of 4 million! Amazing. This would NEVER have happened without your beautiful eye-catching cover! I thank you and cannot wait to see what you do with my next cover."

    Laura Momot
  • "How can I express my absolute gratitude for your care and concern through every stage of this project? The subject matter of the book is of course, so personal and delicate, that it was difficult for me to trust it with anyone, yet it was beyond my scope to take it to the level it needed to be. I put my trust in you and you went above and beyond my dreams. I will not forget this."

    Jonni Gray
  • I just wanted to tell you again how much I love this cover. It strikes the perfect cord with me, plus it’s just eye catching and stunning. Much better than the first two traditionally pubbed books, IMO. And the website is perfect and exactly what I needed. Feeling incredibly blessed - thank you again for everything.

    Kerry Schafer
  • "I wanted to thank you for creating two outstanding book covers for me. Both books are under review by a major book publisher and they have commented on the quality of the cover. Thank you very much for your hard work, diligence, quick response, and creativity! You are the best of the best!"

    John Mattone

Book Cover Design For Every Budget

  • DIY Design
    • Cover Templates
    • Video Tutorials
    • Design Secrets
    • Recommended Fonts
    • Resource Lists
  • Total Package
    • Custom Book Design
    • Ebook + Print Cover
    • Ebook + Print Formatting
    • Book Marketing Courses
    • 30 Days of Publishing Support
  • Bestseller
    • Book Design + Formatting
    • Author Website + Email List
    • Amazon Optimization
    • Facebook Ads
    • Long Term Visibility


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